Sectional vs. Roller Garage Door: Which is Better?

If you’re in the market for a new garage door, choosing the right type of door for your property is a challenge. You need to account for the size of your parking space, the orientation of your lot, the height and width of the opening of your garage, and, of course, your budget.

Additionally, choosing the wrong type of garage door can cause problems and inconveniences in your daily life. For instance, the way the door opens might not be suitable for the size of your garage, so it ends up taking too much space inside.

As such, you want to ensure you’re choosing the right kind of garage door, especially since they tend to run on the pricier side. This way, you can be sure that you’re getting your money’s worth and that your garage door does its job of making your daily life more convenient.

Infinite Garage Doors, a trusted garage door specialist, compares the two most common garage doors available today – sectional and roller – to help you decide.

Sectional Garage Door

A sectional garage door comprises four to five metal panels linked together to form one continuous sheet. The door opens vertically, with the panels folding backward one after the after as they reach the top of the opening. Once fully opened, the panels sit horizontally within the roof space, supported by horizontal tracking on both sides of the door.

Sectional garage doors are often made from galvanised steel or aluminium, but you can also opt for wood or glass. The variety of materials suitable for this type of garage door also gives you a range of different styles, colours and finishes to choose from, so you have more room to customise the design.

The simple yet space-saving design of sectional garage doors is ideal for homeowners with large vehicles and short driveways. Another advantage is that they can accommodate add-on features, such as windows, ventilation grilles and thermal insulation. These are helpful additions if you’re planning to use your garage as a workshop.

Compared to roller garage doors, sectional doors are significantly more expensive. However, the additional cost buys you versatility since sectional garage doors allow for more room for customisation. They also increase the value of your property, which can give you a decent ROI on your installation costs.

Remote openers are an additional cost, but they’re helpful if you live alone and have to open the door without getting out of the car.

Roller Garage Door

Roller garage doors open vertically, just like their sectional counterparts. The difference is that roller garage doors are made from thinner slats, which wrap into a small, neat ‘barrel’ as they reach the top of the opening. The movement is similar to how a carpet looks like as you roll it up.

The most common material used for roller garage doors is steel, since it’s affordable, durable and customisable. Steel doesn’t dent or wear easily and comes in various colours and finishes, so it can give you a long-wearing garage door that suits your design preference.

The design of roller doors is best for small garages. You don’t have to back up while the door is closing or opening because it’s not likely to hit your car, unlike with an up-and-over garage door.

Compared to sectional garage doors, roller types are more space-saving. This is because sectional doors extend deep into your garage’s ceiling space as they open up, making it difficult for you to put up lights and shelves near the opening. On the other hand, a roller garage door still leaves some space on the ceiling, which you can utilise for storage.

Roller garage doors are generally cheaper than the sectional design, but they’re not as flexible when it comes to material use. Steel is the only material compatible with roller garage doors, which can limit your design options.

Choosing the Right Garage Door

The better type of garage door depends on your property and preference. If you’re planning to spend lots of time in your garage, we recommend going with a sectional door because it makes insulating the room easier. It’s also a better choice if design is an important consideration for you since sectional garage doors are more customisable.

If, however, you have a small garage and want to maximise the space as much as possible, then opt for roller doors instead.

Still unsure about what type of garage door to get? Infinite Garage Doors is here to help. We’re a garage door specialist in Queensland, offering installation and repair services to homeowners in the surrounding neighbourhoods. We’ll help you choose a garage door that’s functional and convenient to use but still stylish, making your everyday life easier while increasing your curb appeal.

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