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Infinite Garage Doors proudly offers garage door services that are affordable, reliable and high-quality. For years, we have been serving the homes of Atherton Tablelands, Port Douglas and Cairns.

Our servicemen are highly qualified and are certified to work with major garage door systems. Upon arriving at your home, our technicians will promptly troubleshoot your system, inform you of their findings and work on your garage door so you can enjoy the safety and performance of your garage door ASAP.

Motor installation

We can fit all different types of motors on your garage doors. As long as it is rated for your garage door/s. If unsure don’t hesitate, just give us a call/ send us an email and we’ll get back to you promptly. We offer a 24/7 service and can send you the nearest available technician ASAP.

Our customers’ safety is a primary concern for us. We ensure that motors are properly wired and test the door several times. With our reliable and certified tradesmen, we get the job done right the first time.

Remotes coding in new/old remotes:

Wanting a new remote or old remote playing up we can code them back into your motor’s frequencies.

We also have Wireless Security Keypad, so if you want to go for that walk or run during the day/night or just going out or up town and don’t want to take your keys with you or hide it under that pot plant this is the perfect this for you.

Deleting and recoding new/old remotes

If your remote has been stolen or missed placed and you are worried about someone breaking in to your garage we can delete and re-code your old remoted and new remotes, so you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

Service on panel doors

A panel door service is recommended every 12 months. This service includes checking tension on door by hand, lubricating springs, bearings and hinges, checking wire and pulleys are in good working condition, checking all remotes are in working order and checking / resetting limits on door . If you have a broken or bent garage door, we can also repair or replace this for you. You can rely on our attention to detail and efficiency; your door will be in tip-top shape as soon as we’re done. With a workmanship guarantee, you are assured of how we take pride in our work to give you top-tier service.

Service on roller doors

A roller door service is recommended every 12 months. This service includes checking tension on door by hand, lubricating springs, clean tracks, checking all remotes are in working order and checking / resetting limits on doors with motors. You can also ask us to code new or existing remotes, and replace parts such as weather seals, garage door motors and complete locks. Putting a premium on customer satisfaction and safety, our certified and professional technicians will ensure that your garage doors are in perfect working condition no matter the weather.

Installation of springs

Are you looking for garage door spring repair, garage door spring replacement or garage door springs?

At Infinite Garage doors we have you covered. Garage door springs can be hard to match, with our expert advice, we offer excellent garage door spring repair service. Garage door springs can be easily replaced by our expert garage door repairs team, we have the spring for garage door. Replacing broken springs with correctly sized springs with the correct amount of tension provided to take the strain of your motor.

Repairs & parts

Infinite Garage Doors replaces broken hinges, wire, pulleys, panel support parts and etc. Whether you are in Mareeba, Tully or Cairns, we can come to you, repair your damaged garage door and bring the needed tools and parts. Just let us know the parts that you need and we’ll bring it. Anything we don’t have, we’ll order it. For your complete peace of mind, we offer warranties for our parts and our work is guaranteed.

Garage Service

Call us today for a free quote. Having your door serviced can make your motor last longer. If you don’t have a motor on your door and would like to automate it we carry the stock for most common garage door. Having an automatic garage door is an extra safety feature for your home meaning you don’t have to get out of your car until you are in the safety of your garage. If you have other family members that require extra garage door motor remotes, we stock a large variety. (See Remotes Controls).

The quality of the parts for your garage door repairs is as important as the workmanship. If you use substandard parts, you might only end up facing more upkeep problems in the future. This is what we aim to prevent.

The search for the best materials and parts to use for your next garage entry overhaul ends at our company. Infinite Garage Doors provides the best products from the country’s trusted brands. We have roller and tilt/panel door motors from Merlin. With the variety of our selection, you have more choices for your garage door maintenance.

All garage doors have springs and every time your door opens and closes it is losing tension. The motor on your door is not there to lift the doors weight, it’s there to help. The springs do most of the work. If your door is not regularly serviced and maintained, your motor could be under more load than its specifications. This could result in stripped gears and premature wear of your motor.
We repair garage doors all over Far North Queensland. We will fit in with your busy lifestyle when booking in your garage door repair or service. Being a family owned business we understand family come first and your safety. We service and repair all type of garage doors including roller doors, panel doors and the old style tilt doors. There is no job too small.

Full Inspection of Door / Motor

  • Lubrication of Bearings, Springs and Hinges
  • Check and Reset Limits and Sensitivity of Motor
  • Checking tension of your door and making any adjustments if needed
Garage Repairs

Infinite Garage doors, repair all types of garage doors in the far north region. Whether you live in Port Douglas all the way down to Tully and in as far inland as Atherton Tablelands, there is no place too far for our tilt/panel and roller door repairs. Repairing garage doors is our specialty so if you have a garage door that’s not working, give Infinite Garage Doors a call for a free quote.

We give our full attention to every project. We provide prompt service for garage door repairs in Far North Queensland. We take pride in our quality workmanship and in our dedication to meet customer expectations for every job. Infinite Garage Doors will provide you peace of mind for your garage door repairs.

 We service EVERY GARAGE DOOR from PANEL LIFT, ROLLER or TILT and EVERY MOTOR . We all ways carry REMOTES with us for ALL TYPES OF MOTORS. (Any thing we don’t have we can order it)