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Garage Door Remotes

If your garage door remote is glitching, you don’t have to bear with it any longer. At Infinite Garage Doors, we have garage door remotes that can be matched to your existing garage door.

Our years of experience and product knowledge enables us to help clients find the best remotes for their needs. Our remotes are sourced from trusted manufacturers and suppliers and our servicemen repair or program remotes for optimal safety and security.

We offer our garage door remote service in Cairns, Port Douglas and the Tablelands. If you are looking for a new garage door remote control, or a replacement garage door remote, then give us a call.

Remote for garage door

At Infinite Garage Doors we offer a complete Garage Door service and we also stock a great range of garage door remotes. Whether you are looking at replacing a garage door remote, a spare remote for garage door or your existing garage door remote control is lost we can help you out. Buy a garage door remote control from us and we will help you out with expert advice to make sure the one you purchase will work with your existing garage door.

Garage Door Remote Repair and Servicing

We offer comprehensive garage door remote repairs in Cairns, Port Douglas and the Tablelands. We’ve successfully dealt with unresponsive remotes, intermittent performance and more. Often, remote control problems can be resolved by cleaning the eyes, resetting the system, checking the battery connection or replacing the batteries. If none of these work, you can call us for assistance at any time and any day for our emergency service. Our team will gladly go to your home troubleshoot your system and solve it ASAP.

Garage Door Replacement

If your remote is beyond repair, we offer quality garage door remotes in Cairns, the Tablelands and Port Douglas. Our remotes are sourced from some of the most trusted manufacturers in the industry and come complete with warranties. Our servicemen are certified to work with numerous garage door systems and can help you with the setup and programming of your new system. With our professional and reliable team, you can get honest and straightforward advice on whether a repair or replacement is best.

At Infinite Garage Doors, we carry remotes for all types of motors. Anything we don’t have, we can order for you.  

For expert assistance on garage door remotes, contact us on 0417 299 581 today.

Merlin garage remote
Button Slider Remote
3 button garage door remote
3 Button Keyring Remote + 2.0
3 Button Remote Control With Car Visor Clip
Wireless Security Keypad
3 Button Remote Control With Car Visor Clip
3 Button Keyring Remote Control
2 Button Keyring Remote Control
2 Button Remote Control
2 Button Remote Control
Wireless Security Keypad

 We service EVERY GARAGE DOOR from PANEL LIFT, ROLLER or TILT and EVERY MOTOR . We all ways carry REMOTES with us for ALL TYPES OF MOTORS. (Any thing we don’t have we can order it)