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Garage Door Springs Service

Infinite Garage Doors offers specialist garage door spring repair in Tablelands, Cairns, Tully and other neighbouring areas. We service and replace torsion springs and extension springs on residential garage doors.

With certified, highly trained and experienced tradesmen, we strive to get the job done right the first time. We only use the highest quality replacement rings complete with warranties. So, when you hire Infinite Garage Doors, you know you are getting some of the best guarantees and warranties in the business.

Contact us today for your garage doors springs in the Tablelands.

Garage Door Springs Services

Infinite Garage Doors is Tableland’s source of top-tier garage door springs services. Our services include:

  • Spring lubrication and maintenance
  • Spring repair
  • Spring replacement

Why Choose Us?

Most Reasonable Prices

At Infinite Garage Doors, we are proud to offer the most competitive rates in Tully, Cairns, Port Douglas, Innisfail and Atherton Tablelands. Contact us today for our service estimates and product prices and you’ll quickly find that our rates are some of the best on the market.

Truly Professional Tradesmen

Our professional and reliable tradesmen are certified to work on numerous garage door motor brands, remotes and serviceable parts. With Infinite Garage Doors, your search for truly expert tradesmen is over.

Flexible Hours

Offering a 24/7 emergency service, we can accommodate your need for servicemen around the clock. Whether you’re in Cairns or the Tablelands, we will go to you with the spare parts needed.

Work and Parts Guaranteed

We want our customers to feel safe not just about their garage’s integrity but about their expenses. That’s why all of our work is 100% guaranteed. We also offer market-leading factory warranties. Ask us about this and we’ll gladly explain it to you.

Fast Service

You won’t have to wait a long time for service with our swift crew. We’ll go to your home at the soonest available time and we’ll get the job done fast. We believe in getting the job done right the first time; our great attention to detail and precise workmanship means both our clients and technicians don’t lose valuable time on re-dos.

Garage door springs play a crucial role in your garage’s safety and functionality.

Make sure yours is in their best shape by giving the experts at Infinite Garage Doors a call.

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