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Choosing Between Long and Short Panel Garage Doors

Homeowners today are faced with numerous choices on garage panel doors. Garage doors are always in demand as they are a vital component of home security. The choice of designs and materials offered on the market is overwhelming, which makes the decision even harder.

Before installing a garage door, homeowners need to consider the type of garage doors available on the market. Infinite Garage Doors recommends starting by choosing between short and long panel garage doors and working your way from there. And here is a guide about panel garage doors.

Long Panel Garage Doors

What gives garage doors the three-dimensional effect is the rectangular panels. These panels also classify the door as a short or long panel. Long panel garage doors allow homeowners to adapt them to any garage door opening. They are usually made of steel or fibreglass, but are not limited to these materials alone.

Long panel garage doors give properties a sharper, simpler and cleaner look. They are a great option for homeowners with two-car garages and offer the needed insulation and security needed when owners are not at home.

Pros of Long Panel Garage Doors

Some of the benefits of installing a long panel garage door include:

  • Durable and dependable and, in most cases, last longer than short panel doors;
  • Take up very little space and doesn’t require clear spaces to remain unused;
  • Can be automated and controlled remotely. A less complex mechanism than the short panel doors is available as well.

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Cons of Long Panel Garage Doors

The disadvantages of installing a long panel garage door are:

  • Long panel doors are more expensive, to begin with. They have more panels that need to be put together with expensive hardware. Rollers, tracks, springs, and all other parts can all get pricey.
  • Because it has more moving parts than a short panel door, there are also more parts to maintain. Luckily, many providers can offer quality maintenance of these essential garage door parts.

Short Panel Garage Doors

As pioneers in garage doors, short panel doors have been around for some time. They offer the same features as long panel doors and can be made from any material. The panels are shorter and were considered a standard and practical product back in the day.

Single panel doors are rather affordable and easy to handle. Homeowners can choose an attractive and decorative style and can fully rely on their endurance.

Pros of Short Panel Garage Doors

The benefits of installing a short panel garage door include:

  • Very easy to open and close without putting much effort. They are well-balanced, and a great choice if the power goes off.
  • A more affordable option. It’s easier and cheaper to manufacture short panel doors and there are no additional moving parts that raise the price.
  • A simple and attractive look. The charm that short panel doors offer is sometimes difficult to resist.

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Cons of Short Panel Garage Doors

The disadvantages of short panel garage doors are:

  • They require space to be opened. If you are planning to get a short panel garage door make sure you have enough space to leave in front of the door to be able to open it.
  • Operating the door may present a potential safety issue. You never know if the space is clear before opening the door.
  • Unlike the long panel, short panel doors are less durable because they are attached at one point.

Garage Panel Door Repairs in Cairns

Choosing the right short or long panel garage door comes down to personal preferences. Both options offer positive traits every homeowner should consider. Plus. we will take care of any maintenance aspect and make sure you use it for a long time.

Infinite Garage Doors offers reliable garage door repair and maintenance for all types of garage doors.
We offer affordable and high-quality servicing of all short or long panel garage doors, fitting of different motors on garage doors, remote coding and recording, and more. See our full catalogue of options and explore our website today – or get in touch with our team!