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Important Safety Tips For Residential Garage Doors

A garage is convenient for every owner, as it keeps the car in a warm and safe spot, protected from external factors like bad weather. But all this is impossible without a properly-functioning garage door.

There are frequent discussions about garage door safety. Keeping the contents of the garage safe is one thing, but we also need to keep our family safe.

Door designs and functionality have come a long way, but the possibility of injuries still exists. Infinite Garage Doors offers the following tips that promise security and optimal functionality.

Keep Door Openers Hidden from Children

Don’t leave door openers lying around within children’s reach. Anything is a toy, and they often get tempted to play with forbidden items.

You must teach them that garage doors are not toys. If they are older, teach them to avoid injury by using the garage door correctly.

Prevent Intrusions

Garage doors present an easy way to break into a home, especially if attached to the house. Owners sometimes forget to lock the door leading from the garage into the house.

To prevent “unwanted” guests, change your garage code regularly and keep your garage safe. The fewer people with access to it, the better.

Keep an eye on your garage door openers, and don’t let others have access to them. Have the opener with you at all times and away from other people.

Routine Component Inspections

Take the time every month to inspect the garage door components. The cables, pulleys, cables, and rollers must operate properly.

A safety check of the garage sensors is a must to ensure its smooth operation. If you are too busy to do this or don’t know what to do, you can always contact garage door servicing Cairns and have a professional team complete the job for you.

Unplug or Lock the Garage Door when Away

Lock the Garage Door

Are you going away on a longer trip? Unplug or lock the garage door to ensure no one else will use it while you’re not at the house.

This is a sensible measure in case someone has gotten a hold of your password or door opener and a crucial safety measure you should practice every time you’re away.

Be Garage-Door Smart

Playing around or stepping under an open or closing garage door is not wise. Step away from the door and don’t allow anyone to be near it during that time, especially children.

Teach children how to act around operating garage doors and the dangers of injury.

Auto-Reverse Testing

Some doors have an auto-reverse function that activates when someone or something is standing in the door’s path. Use a soft object to check this feature quickly.

If it’s not working correctly, it’s wise to contact garage door repair professionals and have the door fixed. It’s always better to avoid accidents than deal with the aftermath!

Affordable and Reliable Garage Door Repair Service in Cairns

Infinite Garage Doors is the most reliable garage door repair service for all residential garage door issues.

We are certified and equipped to resolve any concern you have, including malfunctioning doors, faulty safety beam sensors or transmitters, poor remote control, and other common problems.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need repairs or garage door servicing, or ask our technicians for door care and maintenance tips.